Today, Wings is recognized as a leading local manufacturer and distributor of home care, fabric care, personal care, food & beverages products. Being a dynamic and diversified business group, Wings is still dedicated to the company‘s vision of “all the good things in life should be accessible for everyone” in making life better for Indonesian consumers by providing uncompromising quality of products.

Neo Coffee2020-11-02T21:32:06+07:00
Mie Sukses’s Isi 22020-11-02T21:24:27+07:00
Mie Sedaap Tasty2020-11-02T21:19:40+07:00
Mie Sedaap Cup2020-11-02T21:16:22+07:00
MIE SEDAAP2022-01-06T15:02:39+07:00
Kecap Sedaap2020-11-02T21:11:46+07:00
Jas Jus2020-11-02T21:05:27+07:00
GOLDA Coffee2020-11-02T21:08:19+07:00
GIV White2020-11-02T20:52:44+07:00
Fres & Natural Spray2020-11-02T20:35:18+07:00
Fres & Natural Soap2020-11-02T20:09:44+07:00