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Our Story

In 1948, when two gentlemen began a business using limited resources in their backyard to create a simple laundry soap, little did they know that someday their product would become a major household name in Indonesia and compete directly with multinational companies. Mr Johannes F Katuari and Mr Harjo Sutanto operated out of a small and sparse workshop in their home in Surabaya, East Java. Driven by the need to survive the post-war years, the two founders resolutely peddled their products from door to door, stall to stall, village to village. Their determination paid off; the laundry soap was well received by the community. The success spurred Mr Katuari and Mr Sutanto to expand their business, and more importantly, to develop more effective detergent formulations.

The two entrepreneurs later started producing cream detergent, which quickly became a basic necessity for the East Java people. Cream detergent is an innovative product that is not found anywhere else. It has the cleaning power of detergent, but is much cheaper than conventional detergent (powder detergent) due to low energy cost and low investment cost of machinery. The product was an instant hit as it introduced a very practical and economical way of doing laundry for the average Indonesian family. Within a couple of years, it became widely popular through extensive promotions throughout Java and soon after, the whole of Indonesia.

Mr Katuari and Mr Sutanto had named their business venture Wings, drawing inspiration from Mother Nature’s innovative creations. The founders worked like a “pair of wings” and shared the same values and aspirations. The name reflects their vision which spells “the sky’s the limit” when it comes to developing a business based on an acute awareness of consumer needs, diligence and integrity.

The distribution channel that Wings currently enjoys took many years to develop. It took many years to establish strong relationships with retailers, which involved training them in basic entrepreneurial skills and gradually building trust between them and Wings as partners.

Today, Wings is recognized as a well-established and prudent business group in Indonesia with particular strength in the manufacture of soaps and detergents. Wings’ products are recognized for their quality and affordability, and are readily available. Throughout the Indonesian archipelago, the Wings name has earned respect, trust and loyalty from wholesalers, distributors, retailers and consumers alike.