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Mi Sedaap instant noodles has received widespread acceptance due to its ground breaking good taste approach.  Mi Sedaap is famous for its springiness noodles and the “kriuk-kriuk” crunchyness fried onion.  Mi Sedaap is not just giving you tasty tastes yet an overall satisfaction enjoyment.

  1. Mi Goreng Original Flavour is everyone’s favourite. Its springy noodle with 5 times extra crunchy fried onions make you to enjoy every bite of it. Mi Sedaap Goreng Asli is the pioneer in giving you the eating excitement with the crunchy and tasty fried onions. Its crunchy fried onions have the kriuk-kriuk sound in your mouth when you bite on it.
  2. Mi Goreng Fried Sambal Flavour is to cater to every people that love spicy taste. It has extra sambal sauce that give a hot flavor while enjoying every bite of the noodle. Mi Sedaap Sambal Goreng flavor has added in fresh lime juice in spicy sambal sauce to enhance taste. It gives a complete taste when you bite on each string of the noodle.
  3. Mi Soup Soto Flavour is originated from Indonesia. Every people would love something different and new from the common soup flavors that available in the market. Lime juice is added to the soup ingredients to give the soup a fresher taste and fresh smell to the consumers. The consumers will enjoy the noodle and the soup and not a single drop soto soup will leave behind.
  4. Mi Soup Chicken Onion Flavour is rich with fried onion chicken ingredient as the soup based. The rich aromatic onion chicken smell makes your stomach hunger for more. It’s not an ordinary onion chicken flavor compare with others. The flavor is simple irresistible!
  5. Mi Soup Chicken Special Flavour with thick chicken flavor essence. It just tastes like an authentic bowl of chicken soup from home. Nothing is better with a bowl of instant noodle with authentic chicken flavor soup to make your stomach full and nutritional.
  6. Mi Soup Curry Flavour is made with natural Kari spices that give you the authentic Kari taste like home-cooked curry. Mi Sedaap Kari delivers the “Real Kari”, with an irresistible aromatic curry flavor and rich curry soup that given a double satisfaction enjoyable of mouthful and memorable taste for your tongue
Fried Instant Noodle Mi Sedaap Goreng Asli (Mi Goreng original flavour) 40 pieces 363 x 203 x 235 3.98 Kg 1679 cartons
Mi Sedaap Sambal Goreng (Mi Goreng Fried Sambal Flavour) 40 pieces 363 x 203 x 235 3.92 Kg 1679 cartons
Soup Instant Noodle Mi Sedaap Soto (Mi Soup Soto Flavour) 40 pieces 330 x 203 x 237 3.28 Kg 1835 cartons
Mi Sedaap Ayam Bawang (Mi Soup Chicken Onion Flavour) 40 pieces 330 x 203 x 237 3.19 Kg 1835 cartons
Mi Sedaap Ayam Istimewa (Mi Soup Chicken Special Flavour) 40 pieces 330 x 203 x 237 3.05 Kg 1835 cartons
Mi Sedaap Kari Flavor (Mi Soup Curry Flavour) 40 pieces 330 x 203 x 237 3.25 Kg 1835 cartons